How to Submit

(1) Get acquainted with the GESIS Panel proposal submission procedure

a) Submission documents
Please retrieve the latest versions of all documents required to prepare and to submit a study proposal. They comprise the following files:

All files in one ZIP package:

GESIS Panel_Submission


b) Proposal submission procedure
After retrieving all the documents required to prepare and submit a study proposal, please read carefully the document entitled 'Read_1st_GESIS Panel Proposal Submission Procedure'.

(2) Prepare
your proposal

Preparing your proposal involves filling out the proposal submission form, creating your survey using the Unipark survey development environment, and preparing a set of submission materials as outlined in the 'Read_1st_GESIS Panel Proposal Submission Procedure'.

(3) Submit
your proposal

The GESIS Panel uses a Web-based editorial system for managing the submission and peer-review process. This allows you to submit your proposal online. It also allows referees to review the proposal online and editors to manage the peer-review process online.

To submit your proposal, please:

a) Make sure that all the necessary files have been duly prepared as specified in 'Read_1st_GESIS Panel Proposal Submission Procedure'.
b) Register with the GESIS Panel Proposal Submission Site (by clicking here).
c) Start the submission process using your GESIS Panel Proposal Submission Site credentials (by clicking here).